The goals of Salt Creek Farm are to:

 ~ Reconnect people to the source of their food.
 ~ Provide nutritious organic food for the local community
 ~ Farm in a responsible and sustainable way that not only maintains but  
    improves soil fertility.
 ~ Provide an alternative to factory farming.
 ~ Help revitalize small scale agriculture on the North Olympic Peninsula. 

How does it work?

Once a week on Fridays, shares will be harvested and delievered. With each share box we include a crop sheet that tells you what is in that week's share along with recipes and farm news. Shares are purchased by subscribers before the growing season begins.

Plantings are continuous throughout the season and deliveries normally begin in mid may. As the season progresses, shares will  increase in size and diversity.

We feel that a full share is enough to compliment the average menu of a family of four or 1-2 people eating primarily vegetarian. The land is planted to provide for a balanced harvest each week. If by chance we have a particular crop failure you will be compensated with available crop surpluses. Smaller households may find it more convenient to split a share with someone else. Half and single share sizes are also available. 

Other than growing your own garden, our produce is the tastiest and most nutritious you can eat. Most of the items are picked right from the fields the same day you receive them. We encourage everone to come and visit the farm. Children in particular benefit from seeing that not all food comes from the back of a grocery store. Certified organic means that your family can rest assured that your food is free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Last season  the WA State Dept. of Agriculture collected and analyzed our soil for pesticide residues and I am happy to report that none were detected!

                   Full shares ready for delivery
                    Seasonal  Harvest Schedule

 Spring                     Summer                      Fall                       Winter

Salad mix                        Salad mix                       Salad mix                    Mixed greens
Spinach                           Spinach                          Spinach                       Turnips
Lettuce                            Lettuce                            Lettuce                        Carrots
Radishes                         Snap peas                      Radishes                     Beets
Snap peas                       Radishes                        Turnips                        Swiss chard
Swiss chard                     Broccoli                          Broccolli                       Leeks
Kale                                 Carrots                           Carrots                         Parsnips
Leeks                               Beets                              Beets                           C. Cabbage
                                         Onions                            Swiss Chard               Rutabaga
                                         Summer squash             Leeks                          Kale
                                         Cucumbers                     Onions                        Potatoes
                                         Green Beans                  Cabbage                     Spinach
                                         Cabbage                         Kale                            Brussels Sp.                                               Tomatoes                        Potatoes                     Winter Squash

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photo by Martin Hutten
photo by Martin Hutten