It was at college that Wendell Berry's book "The Unsettling of American Culture and Agriculture"  first got me thinking about the value of farmers and farming.  Soon after I  met Virgina Jeavons through my in laws and she told me about Johns book "How to Grow More Vegetables and the Seed Savers Exchange. I immediately started double digging and turned my backyard into a bio intensive paradise.  My first exposure to CSA was at Common Ground Farm in Olympia. Julie and Nancy suggested that I grub out a tenacious patch of Scotch Broom for the privilage of growing heirloom beans, corn and tomatoes. The crops thrived and I was certain that someday I would  find a sunny piece of fertile ground and start my own CSA. The following pages are dedicated to all the farm volunteers and subscribers who have made this farm possible.
This is Hanna at 8 years. She is now 21 years old   Hanna has many artistic talents. She likes to read, sculpt, play the trumpet, write short stories and poetry, jump down 6-feet holes, bike, watch movies and as she says "do stuff with friends." She is lively, has a wonderful sense of humor and whistles way too much. 
This is Lee. Doug and Lee met in 1978 at Camp Dodge, a Youth Conservation Camp near Pinkham Notch NH. Wow how time flys! Lee is a dedicated RN and works at the local hospital in town. She is the warmest and most caring person you will likely ever meet. No kidding!   As our right hand man Mr. Mike says " They don't make many Lee's" She is the brains of the operation and serves as the farm's  accountant, writer, goat herder, milker, cheese artisan and overall spirit lifter. Just look at that smile!